MLSSA 10WI Rev 9 and MLSSA SPO 4WI Rev 9
Download and Installation Instructions

MLSSA version 10WI Rev 9 is supplied as a patch disk that will upgrade MLSSA software versions 10WI and above as well as MLSSA SPO versions 4WI and above provided that SPO 4WI or above is already installed on your computer. This patch disk must first be downloaded to your Windows desktop as the self-extracting ZIP file MLP10WI9.EXE.

If your MLSSA card is installed in a different computer, you should extract this file to a blank formatted 1.44 MB floppy. To do this first download the EXE file to your Windows desktop and double-click on it. When the extraction screen appears, click on Finish. After extracting all files to the floppy, insert the patch disk into drive A: on your MLSSA computer and then from Windows select Run and enter A:INSTALL then click OK.

If the EXE file is downloaded directly to your MLSSA computer you can, if desired, extract the files to a temporary directory on your hard disk and then install the upgrade from the temporary directory by running the INSTALL program from it rather than from a floppy.